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Customer Testimonials

Thank you for all the testimonials you have sent us telling us how AMETECH ENGINE RESTORER has helped your vehicles and engines. Please keep sending them in.

Here are just a few of them.

20 October 2011 - Ferrari 348 TS - Dear Sir, about a year ago I purchased a quantity of RESTORE from you. I drive a Ferrari 348 TS. I drained the engine oil and filled it with flushing oil, ran the engine for approximately 30 minutes. I then drained the flushing oil and filled the engine with basic engine oil as recommended and used two cans of RESTORE. After using the car for approximately 1000 miles there was a definite increase in power, the acceleration was much faster, also the engine sounded much quieter and the miles per gallon has also improved. Thank you for a very good product. I would recommend anybody to try it. Yours sincerely, D O'Regan, Wolverhampton.

19 July 2011 - 1958 Rover P4, 87,000 miles - Dear Sirs, I write to tell you how delighted I am with the results after using Ametech Engine Restore Oil in my 1958 Rover P4 with 87,000 miles on the clock. There used to be smoke from the exhaust when starting up and the engine used up the engine oil at a noticeable rate. Happily, since using your product there is no longer smoke issuing from the exhaust and no loss of engine oil when running. There is also a noticeable improvement in power. I have recommended your product to other owners of classic cars and will continue to do so.
Thank you, Yours sincerely, W E Peters, Preston.

17 July 2011 - MG Midget 1500cc - Many thanks for the prompt delivery of your engine restore, I recieved it the very next day. Sunday 17th, I drove my Midget to the classic show, what a difference after only 20 miles. Can not wait to see after 500 miles. Thank you, kind regards
H Myers, Flintshire.

7 July 2011 - Land Rover Discovery 300 TDI - only done 500 miles but great improvement less smoke pulls better, 300tdi disco. andrew4646 (eBay ID)

3 July 2011 - Narrowboat BMC Engine - Used before on my 30 year old BMC engine on my Narrowboat, it also thanks you. It has got a new lease of life, and it's saved me £5000 for a new engine.
Collin Hooley, Chorley

6 June 2011 - Ford Sierra Cosworth - I recently purchased Ametech Engine Restore. I added it to my Sierra Cosworth engine, with excellent results at only 500 miles... my question is at the next oil change, how much Engine Restore should I use..its a 2.0 litre engine?
Many thanks...Mick (Editor's note: Just one 250ml can should be sufficient at the next oil change.)

Audi_Quattro_Coupe_198727 May 2011 - Audi Quattro Coupe 1987 - Just a few lines to once again say how pleased I was with my can of "German" (Very apt - as it's an Audi) Engine Restore that arrived today (thankyou). Having just driven home from work my car was nicely warmed up - which meant that the hydraulic tappets on my 24 year old Audi were quite noisy - within 1 minute of adding the tin the engine became smooth and almost silent. The car now sounds as good as it looks, so I am now looking forward to my car "purring" to the Classic Show this Sunday.
Kind regards, Barrie Marshall, Colchester.

6 May 2011 - Vauxhall Vectra V6, 152,000 miles - been using this magic product in my V6 Vectra for about 9 years and it has to be the reason the engine still returns 29mpg and accelerates quick enough to 110mph (on private roads). Now has 152,000 miles on the clock and I wouldn't change her. For the record, I usually change oil and filter every 6,000 to 12,000 miles and always add Ametech treatment at 20,000 intervals or when performance seems to dip. The '98 estate uses hardly any oil between services, makes no smoke and passes MOT emissions testing of course. I use the car for trailer and caravan towing as well and the engine is faultless. Hope it remains so or I only have myself to blame for tempting fate by singing its praises too loud!
Cheers, Nigel Barrington

28 April 2011 - Jaguar XJS - Great service from you guys and great product. This will be my third year of keeping my xjs running sweet. The engine additive (Engine Restorer) makes such a difference. My engine has some scratches in No. 5 bore, there must have been some foreign body in there in its life, so it can smoke and have a poor emissions report. With the RESTORE it's absolutely fine. The hydraulic improver (MT-10 Metal treatment) is really great in the power steering - I nearly went for an expensive exchange, but the small amount needed makes the power steering return to as new. Do you have something for lousy driving skill? That would complete my motoring experience improvements list!
All the best, see you next spring 2012. Steve Hutchinson, Southport

21 April 2011 - BMW 318i, 1998 - Hi Ros. Fantastic news.Since I put the extra tin of RESTORE and the other bottle of additive (Oil Anti-Leak) in my BMW I have seen a vast improvement. No blue smoke from the exhaust and only a very slight rumble from the bottom end which is much quieter. I shall certainly recommend it to all my contacts in the motor trade.
Steve Russell, Leicester

14 April 2011 - Suzuki Vitara 3 door, 1998, 86,000 miles - I feel compelled to confirm that RESTORE oil has greatly improved my 8-valve Suzuki Vitara 3 door (1998), which I recently bought with 86,000 miles on the clock. It had noisy engine and tappets. 1,000 miles after RESTORE in spark plug holes (10ml into each at bdc) and in new engine oil (following flush and oil and filter change), the performance increased considerably and mechanical noises were less apparent. Fuel consumption is down about 12%. After treating the valve stems and seals with RESTORE oil plus Anti-Leak the noise reduction was dramatic within 10 miles. I am pleased with my purchases from you.
Best regards, Bob Harbinson, Welshpool

3 April 2011 – 20yr old Motorhome with 2.5 turbo-diesel Peugeot engine - Last August I purchased a 20 year old Motorhome, we had an hankering for one but did not want to spend a fortune then regret it, so the idea was get a cheaper one use it, and move on with our decisions - a newer one or no we don’t like it. I flew up to Inverness to collect it, the chassis/body was in VGC for the year, but on driving the vehicle 400miles+ back to Essex I was a little concerned about the enhanced engine noise in the cab, it did not use any oil however, so on my return I done some interior work and with the wife and our dogs set off to Norfolk for a few days. The home proved very good, with a constant return of 29 MPG running on a Peugeot 2.5 litre diesel turbo lump, but we still had noise issues in the cab, bit of slap and rattle, but the engine had done 98,000 so that was expected.

A few week’s ago in March 2011 we decided to have a break in Dorset and Devon, I was, I must say, dreading the cab noise, so I looked into certain oil supplements just to support the old lump, and decided to give your product a try. It arrived the next day first post, ( top marks so far ) on adding one larger tin to the engine (I had serviced and changed the oil/filters the week before) I kept my fingers crossed, ran the vehicle at home for an hour to get it swishing about, then came the day we were off. M11, M25, M3 we stopped at Fleet, checked oil levels, non used, and on starting up to set off again I was surprised how quiet it had already become after only 96 miles. By the time we got to Swanage the engine noise in the cab was hardly noticeable and only 180 miles not even the 300-500 you recommend, impressed I was.

Overall our week away returned us in excess of 600 miles, the engine has not used a drop of oil, the fuel return has gone to 34 MPG and the performance was noticeable in its improvement. Some of those hills in Dorset take a bit of getting up but it went like a train, on the way back I cruised at 60 MPH all the way with the odd 70 overtaking move, and what I had purchased this “ Restore” for was Cab noise. Well, coming up the M3, M25 and the M11 my wife was asleep all the way, all I heard was some snoring (got any restore for her?). It had certainly done the trick and on only the one can. Thank you.

I also have a BMW 530D with 140K on the clock, great to drive and no problems whatsoever but a can is going into that for sure.

Having given this feedback I should give you my CV. I have been a mechanic since leaving school in 1964 working on every conceivable mode of transport you can think of, two, three, four and up to sixteen wheels. Joined the AA as a Patrol in 1975 and retired as Operations manager in 2005, now loving life to the full and getting out whenever we can. I have always been very sceptical on quick fix pour ins, thinking if its worn rebuild it is the proper and right option, but I can, hand on heart say that this is as good if not better, than you claim. Thank you again for bringing Restore to our engines, they love it.

John Snowden, Stisted, Essex.

31 January 2011 - 1954 Hudson, Vauxhall Corsa and Ford V8 - used this on three engines and its worked on all of them. I put in in my '54 Hudson - instant results. My son's Corsa took a bit longer (still can't believe I quietened that down) and lastly my Ford V8 had good oil pressure but was just noisy. One litre later and "bingo" instant quiet. I had tried thicker oil, that didn't work really, so there you are, I'm sold on this stuff. I hate noisy engines.
Thanks a lot, Barry Shaw

14 December 2010 - MG, 165,450 miles (follow up to testimonial received on 29 November 2010) - I continue to be extremely impressed with the product, as I have now done some further mileage in the car and the engine still sounds great when on hot tickover, instead of being quite noisy, especially from the cam followers, as it was before treatment. I've done about 450 miles now since adding the product and when I checked the oil yesterday it was still about as clean on the dipstick as when I put the new oil in. As a professional engineer, I've heard of all sorts of "wonder products" over the last 40 years or so, none of which ever lived up to the claims and promises of the manufacturer, including products from Wynns and STP to name just two who were always recommended as selling reputable products. The Ametech product is the first product of this type that I have ever used, and at the time with a great deal of initial scepticism, that has lived up to the claims of the manufacturer. I only purchased it, after much deliberation, because of the success I'd had with another US made product, K-Seal, which I'd used on the cooling system of my MG, and which actually exceeded my expectations as that also did what the manufacturer said it would. It was my experience of using K-Seal, now an integral part of my tool kit, that encouraged me to try the Restore, and I'm very glad I did.
Best wishes and a Merry Christmas, Geoff Bateman, Eye

2 December 2010 - Mercedes Benz 190 Ponton, 117,440 miles - Hello. May I just say that I tried your engine restorer in my 1957 Mercedes Benz 190 Ponton (117,440 miles). Although there was nothing wrong with the engine prior to this treatment, the transformation was to say the least surprising. It has simply made a good engine miles better. The engine runs sweeter, starts better, and has more power. I intend to add every oil change. I have also a 1957 Mercedes Benz 220S Ponton which has also received the same treatment. I have not run this car very much at this time, but I'm sure it will achieve the same results. Transmissions and differentials are going to get the same treatment. Is there a lubrication grease available for bearings etc. please? (Editor's note: Yes, there is. It's called LP-10 EP "Plus" Lithium Grease and it's available from www.AmericanTechnology.co.uk)
Kind regards. JR Dobson, Northallerton.

30 November 2010 - Rover 600 - Since taking receipt of bother Engine Restorer and Injector Cleaner for my Rover 600 vehicle, I believe that this works a treat... The difference in the vehicle is clear to see and feel both under normal driving and acceleration. I have received much better fuel economy and had general smoother running....I would highly recommend this product to anyone as this is great value and a great product for cars in general.
Mr Glen Wait, Sheffield

29 November 2010 - MG, 165,000 miles -Thanks a lot for the rapid and efficient processing of my order. I received the engine restorer the next day and put it in the engine that afternoon. I carried out an oil and filter change and added the engine restorer as part of the fill, as per the instructions. I have since covered about 160 miles in the car and already I have noticed a marked improvement.

My main problem was that after 165000 miles the engine had developed quite a pronounced rattle from the hydraulic cam followers that got noticably worse when the engine was at operating temperature. The noise would get quite loud if the engine was allowed to tick over hot for a minute or more. I am extremely pleased to report that so far the problem appears to have been pretty much cured. The engine, now, on tick-over at operating temperature sounds pretty much like it used to when I bought the car 8 years ago with 90000 miles on the clock. I noticed that in the instructions it said that about 1000 miles of use would be needed to get the full benefits of the product, but so far I am extremely impressed with it and, on evidence to date, have no problem in recommending this to my friends and other classic car owners.
Geoff Bateman, Eye

24 July 2010 - 1997 Rover 214 cabriolet, 70000 miles - Fantastic product. I have used it in several cars over the last couple if years. Most recently it has turned my Rover cabriolet into the quietest, smoothest running car I have ever known, with hardly any emissions on its last MOT.
Regards,James Stone, Fleet, Hampshire

22 July 2010 - Citroen Synergie (7 seat) MPV, 184,000 miles - fantastic results after just 600 miles! More pep and no smoke on acceleration.
The old banger I used it on is now my daily transport. It is a 184,000 mile Citroen Synergie (7 seat) MPV from 1998 (R reg). It was fairly smoky and most noticeably down on usual power. My Brother recommended me to give RESTORE a try as he reckoned his Omega was running better after using it for 1,000 miles (along with better fuel consumption). I did not have previous fuel economy data for my Citroen, so I cannot comment on this aspect - but the difference in power (and smoke) is proof enough for me - hence my order of the full 1 litre can! (I shall be doing the other old bangers in my collection!).
Please feel free to use my comments.
Best regards, Cllr. Keith Woodard

21 July 2010 - Rover 214 Cabriolet, 1997, 70,000 miles - Fantastic product. I have used it in several cars over the last couple if years. Most recently it has turned my Rover Cabriolet into the quietest, smoothest running car I have ever known, with hardly any emissions on its last MOT.
James Stone, Fleet

5 July 2010 - MGB GT, 165,000 miles & Ford Escort XR3i, 84,000 miles - Dear Sirs,
Like a good many folk with a few years motoring experience behind them, I have always been somewhat sceptical about cure all oil additives. However, being mindful of the no result money back guarantee on your product I decided to try Restore in my vehicles.

The first vehicle treated was my MG B GT with 165,000 miles covered. I have owned the vehicle for 15 years and lately its thirst for oil was becoming irksome @ approx. 100 miles to the pint. I drained the engine oil, flushed engine, added fresh oil & filter plus 400ml of Restore. The difference in performance was noticeable within a couple of hundred miles. Never the most powerful of engines, mid range torque was restored & the engine ran much happier. The most noticeable difference was much reduced oil consumption. On a recent journey from our home in Wales to Cambridge then onto South East England then back to Wales , a journey of almost 600 miles, the car ran without fault, returned approx. 40mpg and consumed slightly less than 1 pint of oil. A result.

In view of this I then treated my Ford Escort XR3i with 84,000 miles recorded. This vehicle has never consumed large amounts of engine oil, using approx. 1 pint per 500 miles, but was beginning to sound and run like an 84,000 miler. As on the MG I drained engine oil, flushed engine, added new oil and filter & 400ml of Restore. Again, the results could be felt within a few hundred miles, the engine running quieter & smoother with restored power. Oil consumption appears to be almost nil. The vehicle still produces some smoke on initial start up, something I have always tended to ignore as over 7 years of ownership this has always happened and is clearly due to oil draining down valve stems part guides and seals. I will now however carry out the simple procedure outline in the very helpful Q&A information sheet supplied with your product Ö.

My 210,000 mile Reliant Scimitar will shortly return to the road following some body work. It will of course be receiving the Restore treatment.

A quite remarkable product, not cheap but good value for money.
Yours sincerely, E Judd (Powys)

28 June 2010 - Citroen 1.9 TD, 110,000 miles - Thanks for this superb product. If I am totally honest I didn't expect it to work in my old Citroen (Peugeot) 1.9TD engine with 110k miles on it as it had been getting gradually more sluggish and smoky for a while and also drinking diesel for fun, but after only 3 weeks (600 miles) performance and mpg are up considerably, the smoke has stopped and the engine is a lot quieter and smoother. Thanks again and I will be recommending you and this product to anyone who will listen.
Cheers, Peter (whc47 - eBay ID)

26 June 2010 - Seat Leon 1.4S - Dear Sir or Madam
I purchased Ametech Engine Restore Oil. First I puchased 250ml can for my son's Seat Leon 1.4S which had started to burn oil internally and had to be topped up with oil every three days. We have left it a good while to get a good idea of the results. The car has now done 1000 miles since putting the RESTORE oil in. He has only had to top the oil up once since. We did not believe we would get such brilliant results. My friend who is a mechanic (and when we got the oil, he did an oil change and fitted a new oil filter before adding the Restore oil to my son's car) was also amazed at the result.
I purchased a litre can from you on 14/5/2010 which he is going to add 800ml to his Subaru Turbo which had started to puff smoke on start up.
I have left some feedback on eBay but could not put enough words down, so I decided to write down feedback to send to you for what has turned out to be a fantastic product and would recommend it to everyone to use on their cars. Thank you again for a fantastic product.
Your sincerely, D E Goodburn (London E17)

7 June 2010 - 1993 Land Rover Disco 3500cc V8 - The worst job I undertook to cure was a 1993 Land Rover Disco 3500cc V8. The engine was really bad firing on 6,.sometimes 5 cylinders. On checking, all plugs were oil fouled - cleaned plugs - would run badly, smoking filling the workshop in minutes, then would fire on only 5/6 cylinders. Each time I cleaned plugs same thing happened. Changed oil with adding Ametech. Continued to start, then clean plugs. After about a couple of hours the smoke got less - I then drove the Disco about 100 miles and the smoking stopped. This was an engine that should have been rebuilt, but by adding Ametech and a few hours spent, saved the engine, which no longer smokes and the emissions are good enough to pass the MOT. Have used Ametech on noisy top ends and within minutes cured the problem. I swear by it and tell all my friends and customers when I have the chance or when I see a need. I do not mind contact from potential customers. Regards, Paul Cullip, Gas Power UK, Meldreth (lpg conversions)

7 June 2010 - Gardner (8 cyl) & Volvo (6 cyl) Marine Engines, Range Rover 4.6 V8 & Toyota Supra Turbo - Hi Ros, My interest in your engine treatment was too initially to increase oil pressure at tick over, and cut oil consumption on two of our vessels. One fitted with an 8 cylinder Gardner, the other a 6 cylinder Volvo.
Your product did as described and has also made the engines run much smoother, and quieter as an added bonus! So impressed by the product, I have used it on my own two cars (Range Rover 4.6 V8 & Toyota Supra Turbo) as part of their routine oil changes. I want to try the Ametech gearbox treatment to assess its performance too. The fuel and oil savings as well as improved performance have made the use of Ametech very worth while in financial investment. I have had no reservations about recommending the product and have already had very positive feed back from the people who have tried it on recommendation.
Regard Mark Mead, Peel Ports Ltd.

7 June 2010 - Vintage Lorries - We bought Ametech Restore to use in our vintage lorries which are over 50 years old and have diesel engines. At present we have only used Restore in one vintage lorry which had poor compression. We have noticed in a very short time and low mileage that the engine seems to run better. The vehicles are used at Vintage rallies and shows and do not travel many miles over a year so we can not yet report on long term effects as this is only the beginning of the rally season.
I am also going to try Ametech Restore in my 12 year old diesel car which is a bit noisy and also on my petrol lawnmower which is over 26 years old.
Yours Sincerely, Mrs Lorna Allman

6 May 2010 - Narrowboat with BMC 1.5 diesel engine - Dear Sirs, I obtained a supply of your Engine Restorer and Anti-leak oil some months ago.
I am a member of the Bridgewater Motor Boat Club at Runcorn and have a narrowboat fitted with a BMC 1.5 diesel engine (old!). This marque was notorious in emitting blue smoke from the exhaust when idling. Having done a fair few miles over the years it was also using a small amount of engine oil. I changed the oil and filter and added the appropriate amount of additive. Although it takes a fair amount of time to clock up the equivalent of 1000 miles, within about 20-30hours of running there was a marked reduction of exhaust smoke and oil consumption. Also the engine is quieter.
There are several boats in the club with older engines, some of which might benefit from the additives. I am very pleased with the result on my own engine so I have ìpassed the wordî in canal fashion and also to a friend of mine who operates a hire fleet at Thorn Marina at Stockton Heath, Warrington who is also very interested.
In order to continue the process with the ìtopping up oilî I will be obliged if you will send me a further 400ml tin of Restore oil.
Yours faithfully, Gordon Soper

May 2010 - 1988 Ford transit 2.5 diesel Motorhome - Hi Ros, I am sorry for the delay in answering your email as I have been doing some repairs to my motorhome. It is a 1988 Ford transit 2.5 diesel. I took it out on the motorway in January and there was a trail of blue smoke for about a mile behind it.
While on my computer in the evening I came across your advert for Ametech Engine Restore Oil. I sent for some and I was very pleased with how quickly it was sent. I followed the instructions and flushed the engine with a new filter and changed the oil with another new filter and I have made few trips since then.
I have now covered about 1100 miles and I was very pleased with the results, as now the engine is a lot quieter and runs smoother and no more blue smoke. I will be happy to deal with you in future and will pass on your products to all my motoring friends. Thanks very much, hope to be in touch again soon.
Kind regards, John Henderson (eBay ID ñ bigbananajohn)

30 March 2010 - Mercedes 190E, 90,000 miles - Dear Enginerestore,
Hi there, I recently purchased 2 tins of Ametech oil additive for my Mercedes 190E which had 90,000 mls on the clock. It was a good engine anyhow and I was a bit sceptical about the claims of your product, but with the recommendation from Quentin Willson, I gave it a try.
Having followed the instructions on the tin I put the additive in about 4 weeks ago and have monitored the performance of the car since and I have to say I have seen a remarkable improvement in the fuel consumption. I do set mileage every week so it was easy to tell if there was an improvement or not. I do on a round trip around 350 miles each week and I am making a saving of around £8 or £10 each week!! The engine is smoother and performance is better also, so the cost of the additive has already paid for itself and continues to pay dividends each week.
When the car is due its next service I shall be adding it again. Thank you for a fabulous product.
Kind Regards, Adam (ebay ID ñ rumble*123)

19 February 2010 - Mitsubishi Galant 2.5 V6 - Dear enginerestore, My Mitsubishi Galant 2.5 V6 had very noisy hydraulic valve lifters, the only way to overcome this was to service it every 3K miles using Mobil1 synthetic oil. The cost of this was significantly more than I paid for the Ametech Restore and it only made it a little quieter!
Shortly before trying this magical product, the Galant also started to knock.
I added 500ml to fresh Mobil1 oil and after just 20 miles the engine was barely audible. It now runs quiet and smooth just like it was when I first purchased it. In fact I am considering changing the pulleys as they are now much louder than the engine.
I was very surprised as no other additive has ever worked at all. I have recommended this to all of my friends and colleagues as it is so good!
This is the best purchase I have made for any vehicle in 20 years of motoring. Try it ñ it worked for me and saved me a fortune!
- wayner3566 (eBay ID)

10 February 2010 - Subaru Impreza WRX Classic 1993 - Used this about 2 years ago as these engines are prone to valve train noise and piston slap on start up, both greatly reduced. Used this year with engine oil change as a single can ëtop upí power has improved and smoother running. I would recommend this to anyone also used in the wifes Rover 45 again smoother and quieter running.
Regards, Stephen Woinson

30 January 2010 - 1992 Subaru Legacy, 1997 Nissan Pathfinder, 1991 Nissan Sentra -
Hi! My name is Justin Grimes and I live in Rowley MA USA. I just wanted to let you guys know how awesome your product is. I've used Engine Restore in every vehicle I've owned at every oil change and it has worked wonders! It's kept my 1992 Subaru Legacy running strong for the last 40K miles. I recently bought a 1997 Nissan Pathfinder and a can of Engine restore and I can't wait to see how it reacts to the magical engine elixir.

Probably the most impressive story I have with regards to your product involves a 1991 Nissan Sentra. The car only had 150K miles on it, but the cylinders and piston rings were badly damaged and worn. There was a lot of piston slap in cylinder 2, and the engine would regularly stop firing on all 4 cylinders. Most of the time it only ran on 3 cylinders, while sometimes dropping down to only 2! I tried putting in some Engine Restore and drove the car. Within 25 miles the engine ran on all 4 cylinders again!

The car went to firing on only 2 or 3 cylinders to running on all 4 after Engine Restore was added! I was amazed. After adding Restore, the engine would run on all 4 cylinders for about 200 miles, then start to sputter out and only run on 2 or 3 again. When this happened, I knew it was time for more Restore. Dump in a can of your product and presto... The car was running on all 4 cylinders again!

I did this for a couple months until the car started dying out completely. It would just die out completely I had to retire the old girl, but before I sent her to the junkyard I pulled the cylinder head off just out of curiosity. The piston in cylinder 2 had been ground flat on one side from piston slap. The cylinder walls in all cylinders were badly scuffed all around. I could actually wiggle all 4 pistons in their cylinders with one finger very easily.

Whenever people ask me what they should put in their oil I tell them Engine Restore, because of the magical things it did inside my old, tired Nissan engine. The strange part is that normally I don't believe in ìSnake Oilî. I walk into the parts store and see all these magical things on the shelf that are supposed to fix a blown head gasket, or fix a cracked radiator hose, or whatever... Then I see your product and I know it's one I can trust because it works.

Thank you for your time. I just had to let you guys know that I love your product.
Justin Grimes (Platinum Racing)

12 January 2010 - 1993 Subaru Impreza Turbo, 85000 miles - Dear njin-life, Very impressed with your product, only done 100 miles since adding and it has quietened engine and made it feel more responsive. Will definitely get some more in a few thousand miles!
Thanks, ollyjarvis1 (eBay ID)

14 July 2009 - Mitsubishi Shogun - Dear Sir, I recently purchased from you 2 cans of Engine Restorer and Lubricant because my Shogun was using oil. After an oil change I put one can in and went to Wales on holiday doing over 1000 miles.
Before, my car needed 40mls of oil every week; after this journey I had not lost a drop of oil. Marvellous!
Thank you, Brian Webb, Canterbury.

29 April 2009 - MOT Emission Test failure - Cured with Ametech! - Some time ago my car failed the MOT emissions on every test, and not just, but Miserably! I had read about your Restore and sent for a tin.
The mechanic who yesterday passed my car, asked what I'd done and simply did not want to believe me when I told him I had just put a little tin of oil in with my oil change. The stuff is MAGIC! Thought I'd let you know.
My recommendation has gone out to many already (including the unbelieving mechanic).
My thanks, Peter Veasey (Rugby)

29 March 2009 - 1998 Mercedes 300 TD Automatic Estate 136,000 miles - Dear njin-life - Hello Ros, I would like to say how much Ametech Restore Oil has improved my car's performance. This is great stuff. I have used Slick Fifty in every car I buy as soon as I get it but this oil is far superior in every way. I noticed the difference as soon as I put it in and have yet to achieve the full result with the recommended mileage.
I own a 1998 Mercedes 300 TD Estate 136,000 miles Automatic. The car was treated after a full service by Mercedes which cost £800 and still ran like a bag of nails, no power and rattle noise. Now after the treatment it's a different car, quiet and lots more power, 100 per cent better.
I also own a 1986 Jaguar XJS 5343cc V12 Automatic 73,213 miles. This car has also been treated but no mileage as yet as I only use this in the better weather. I also have a 1998 Jaguar XJ8 V8 4000cc 71,213 miles Automatic which is due for a service. As soon as this is done I will treat this car with the oil.
Highly recommend this treatment, can't praise it enough. - alisonneil64 (eBay ID)

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