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Ametech Products
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Petrol Fuel Additives
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250ml_RESTORE_Engine_RestorerRESTORE Engine Restorer & Lubricant with CSL™ is a technological and metallurgical breakthrough, developed by an atomic physicist during the latter part of the 1970’s and released onto the market in the USA in 1983 where the use of catalysts and unleaded gasoline has been compulsory since 1973. RESTORE then conquered the European, African and Middle Eastern markets. Its success has grown due to its remarkable properties and its exceptional efficacy as an engine remetalliser. RESTORE currently sells more than any other engine restore treatment in the World, having sold well in excess of 200 million cans since 1983.

RESTORE Engine Restorer & Lubricant is a remarkable engine treatment which repairs worn engines whilst they are running, preventing expensive downtime and mechanical repairs and prolonging engine life. RESTORE Engine Restorer & Lubricant is a remarkable engine treatment which repairs worn engines whilst they are running, preventing expensive downtime and mechanical repairs and prolonging engine life. RESTORE contains the proprietary remetallising formula CSL™ which fills scratches and scoring in engine metal to reverse wear and restore fuel economy and performance.

The product comes in an attractive silver can made from highly polished steel printed in red, blue and black, with a ring-pull opening similar to a cola can on the 250ml and 400ml can and a resealable stopper on the litre can.

Inside the can is a blue/green oil – a high quality neutral 30W lubricant containing detergents and corrosion inhibitors - which holds in suspension millions of tiny CSL™ particles, spherical beads of a Copper/Silver/Lead* soft metal compound (*all metals used in engines for over 100 years). The oil is coloured by an analine dye which quickly burns off in the engine to leave the engine oil its natural colour.


It is important to note that RESTORE CSL™ Engine Restorer & Lubricant does not modify the viscosity or characteristics of the oil to which it is added and does not contain polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), zinc dialkyldithiophosphate (ZDDP), chlorinated paraffins, naphthalene, xylene, acetone, isopropanol, sulphur compounds, or any other chemicals which could potentially harm the engine.


Engines wear, mile after mile

This wear results in a loss of the sealing capabilities of reciprocating piston-cylinder systems, with two consequences:

Blow-by of exhaust gases: some of the gases produced during the combustion cycle leak down between piston and cylinder. This represents a considerable loss in energy for the engine, resulting in low power, and the unburned hydrocarbons contained in the hot gas quickly degrade the oil in the sump, turning it black and gritty.

Lifting of oil past the rings: the oil leaks up past the piston rings towards the cylinder head and enters the combustion chamber. It fouls the spark plugs, creates carbon deposits, causes self-ignition and produces blue smoke.

Engines lose power, mile after mile

An engine uses a part of its energy to drive the crankshaft, pistons, camshafts, etc. An engine undergoing increased friction consumes a lot more energy. In addition, the friction and wear cuts scratches in different cylinders at different rates, resulting in an unbalanced motor. The crankshaft is then subjected to more torsion, more vibration, and runs less freely. The soft metal bearings wear by tearing off metal particles or gouging scratches, lowering oil pressure. The engine imbalance worsens. The bottom end of the engine deteriorates. It becomes noisy and absorbs a larger proportion of the energy supplied. The engine struggles to maintain power, working harder to produce enough energy to drive the engine. Mile after mile, you consume more fuel.

How does RESTORE Engine Restorer help?

Restore Engine Restorer and Lubricant is a both a preventive treatment (for new engines) and a curative treatment (for worn engines).




Each can of RESTORE Engine Restorer and Lubricant contains a billion or more CSL™ micro-particles suspended in a high quality 30W motor oil.

Although RESTORE Engine Restorer is added to the motor oil, it is not an oil additive. Why? Because an oil additive, by definition, is a product which is added to engine oil in the crankcase with the intended purpose of modifying the oil characteristics such as viscosity, detergency, foaming, etc. RESTORE is not an oil additive in this sense. It is rather an engine additive because it acts on the engine itself. The CSL™ formulation plays a dual role:

  • it systematically fills the scratches, grooves, scuffs and other wear in the engine metal causing by friction and rubbing between two reciprocating or rotating surfaces

  • it acts as a powerful natural lubricant due to the high percentage of lead in the CSL particles, even at high temperatures.

The RESTORE CSL™ particles fill the scratches and scoring which cut into the friction-producing metal surfaces in every engine as a result of normal wear. The CSL™ particles circulate around the engine in the oil and are forced into worn surfaces in engine metal by the friction between two metal surfaces (e.g. piston rings against cylinder walls). There is no risk of clogging the oil-ways in the engine; to become embedded in the metal, the CSL™ micro-particles must be crushed by extreme pressure or friction. There is no danger of clogging the engine; any CSL™ micro-particles not taken up in scratches in the engine metal continue to circulate in the engine oil, acting as super-lubricants.

Over the course of 1000 miles or so, the particles become taken up in the worn surfaces, filling, packing and sealing the scratches, making the surfaces good again and restoring compression, power and fuel economy to the engine. Restore maintains (in new engines) or restores (in used engines) the sealing capabilities of each piston-cylinder assembly, eliminating the adverse effects of wear in the metal surfaces.

The action of RESTORE reduces friction and rebuilds metal surfaces, which in turn restores lost power and reduces oil & fuel consumption.


RESTORE Engine Restorer works effectively wherever friction and wear cuts scratches into metal-on-metal reciprocating or rotating surfaces, such as cylinder walls and piston rings, crankshaft and bearings, valve guides and stems. RESTORE works in four stroke petrol, diesel and LPG engines (with just a few exceptions), Wankel rotary engines, engines with or without turbos and does not harm catalytic converters. As a result, RESTORE has been known to cure piston-slap, noisy tappets, Mazda RX8 hot and cold start problems and even fledgling bottom-end knock.

RESTORE is not an oil thickener and contains no chlorine, PTFE, Teflon, silicone, graphite, moly or ceramic substances (asbestos). Each can of RESTORE contains billions of micro-particles (2 microns +) of the proprietary formula CSL™ (Copper 60%, Lead 40%, Silver trace) suspended in a high performance motor oil.

PLEASE NOTE as miraculous as its properties may seem, RESTORE cannot repair broken parts such as broken piston rings, holed pistons, burnt or bent valves, cracked cylinder heads, glazed bores or re-plate bearings which have worn right down to the copper lining. If you are buying RESTORE to repair a problematic engine please ask your mechanic for a diagnosis of the fault before you commence treatment so that your expectations for RESTORE are not unrealistic.




"If your engine is low on compression and a bit smoky you’ve really got to try Ametech Engine Restorer. You add it at an oil change and it reverses engine wear. I know these magic cure-alls have been around for ages, but this one really does work. A mate’s Bentley S2 had a flickering oil light at low revs and clouds of blue smoke from the rear. Rather than swallow the two grand hit for an overhaul, he dumped two litres of Ametech (Engine Restore Oil) into the sump. His S2 is now ‘running as sweet as a nut’, with no smoke and no blinking oil pressure light. Ametech’s not cheap, but it’s a very sound investment."


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